Committee Spotlight: HYCO Committee

CGA’s HYCO Committee Develops positions and publications to address the safe operation of plants producing hydrogen, carbon monoxide and synthesis gas (commonly known as HyCO Plants) and related materials affecting the compressed gas industry.

Spanish Translations of CGA Publications Now Available

Over the last two years, CGA has worked to identify opportunities and develop a strategy for translating CGA publications into Spanish to facilitate adoption and acceptance in Mexico, Central America, and South America. In 2021, a task force of members was formed to...

Publication Spotlight: H-16 High Temperature Hydrogen Attack

High temperature hydrogen attack is a mechanism that can significantly weaken and damage a variety of steel materials, including carbon steel and various low alloy steels, that are used in the construction of hydrogen plants. H-16 provides guidance for the review of...

CGA – 2022 Year in Review

Our industry has played a critical role in the global economy’s growth and innovation for well over a century. Learn how CGA made waves in 2022 and set ourselves up for a strong 2023.
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