Hydrogen Safety Publications

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) has been producing hydrogen publications for 110 years. This growing library provides important operational safety information for the production, storage, delivery, and applications of hydrogen.

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Standards in Development

CGA H-17

Small Scale Hydrogen Production 
and Delivery

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CGA C-6.4: Methods for External Visual Inspection of Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) and Hydrogen Gas Vehicle (HGV) Fuel Containers and Their Installations

CGA G-5.3: Commodity Specification for Hydrogen

CGA G-5.5: Hydrogen Vent Systems

CGA G-5.7: Carbon Monoxide and Syngas Pipeline Systems

CGA H-11: Safe Startup and Shutdown Practices for Steam Reformers

CGA H-13: Hydrogen Pressure Swing Adsorber (PSA) Mechanical Integrity Requirements

CGA H-1: Safe Catalyst Handling in HYCO Plants

CGA H-3: Standard for Cryogenic Hydrogen Storage

CGA H-5: Standard for Bulk Hydrogen Supply Systems (an American National Standard)

CGA P-6: Standard Density Data, Atmospheric Gases 
and Hydrogen

CGA P-89: Prevention of Plant Instrument and Utility Gas System Cross Contamination

CGA PS-33: On Use of LPG or Propane Tank as Compressed Hydrogen Storage Buffers

CGA PS-48: CGA Position Statement on Clarification of Existing Hydrogen Setback Distances and Development of New Hydrogen Setback Distances in NFPA 55

CGA G-5: Hydrogen

CGA G-5.4: Standard for Hydrogen Piping Systems at User Locations

CGA G-5.6: Hydrogen 
Pipeline Systems

CGA H-10: Combustion Safety for Steam Reformer Operation

CGA H-12: Mechanical Integrity of Syngas 
Outlet Systems

CGA H-14: HYCO Plant Gas Leak Detection and Response Practices

CGA H-16: Guideline on Remedial Actions for HYCO Plant Components Subject 
to High Temperature Hydrogen Attack

CGA H-4: Terminology Associated with Hydrogen Fuel Technologies

CGA P-28: OSHA Process Safety Management and EPA Risk Management Plan Guidance Document for Bulk Liquid Hydrogen Supply Systems

CGA P-74: Standard for Tube Trailer Supply Systems at Customer Sites

CGA PS-31: CGA Position Statement on Cleanliness for Proton Exchange Membranes Hydrogen Piping/Components

CGA PS-46: CGA Position Statement on Roofs Over Hydrogen Storage Systems

CGA PS-69: CGA Position Statement on Liquefied Hydrogen Supply System Separation Distances